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  • Student Counselling Cell aims to help students become self-aware and reach their highest potential while dealing with anxiety and stress
  • To help the students in solving their personal, educational, social as well as psychological problems.
  • Provide various comprehensive psychological services to students and resolve their emotional, behavioral, academic, and social issues.
  • To create awareness about issues and problems related to mental health of student
  • To motivate faculty in counselling activities.
  • The office of Counselling led by Student Counsellor provides a confidential atmosphere in which the students can explore any topic or situation and discuss any concerns thy may have.

Roles and Responsibility

  • Solve personal problems of student by conducting individual counselling session
  • Boost self-esteem of weaker /physically challenged students.
  • Diagnose the learning difficulties of students and help them to overcome the same.
  • Help the students to overcome examination stress or fear.
  • Conduct seminars for students on mental health and addiction issues.
  • Refer the students to professional psychiatrics or counsellors in severe cases.
  • Inform the parents about psychological misbehaviour of the student.

Mechanism of Committee

  • The students referred to the Students Counseling Cell through the office of Director-BBDITM, Dean Students Welfare and Students grievances cell will be addressed by the committee.
  • The Committee members upon interaction with the students to be counseled will take up the task within the committee first.
  • If required the professional counselors from amongst the various institutes/colleges in and around the nearby vicinity will be approached for assistance.
  •  Incase medical help required parents/guardians of the students will be approached/ contacted to take care of their ward.

Contact Person:

Dr. Shivangee Tiwari
Convener, Student Counselling Cell
Mob. +91-9410782087

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