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Value Education Cell BBDITM, offers a new way of thinking about education and how students can be supported to develop to become successful and happy members of the global society. It encourages reflective and inspirational attributes and attitudes. They can be nurtured to help people, discover the very best of themselves which enables them to be good global citizens and prepare them for their working life.

Value Education Cell develops a secure sense of ‘SELF’. Students become more empowered to take responsibility of their own learning. They develop academic diligence when they are involved with a value based education. They develop rational trust. They become articulate and able to talk freely and well through silence and quietude in a value based framework.

All the members of the Value Education Cell participated and instructed students regarding the relevance of values and value based living. The program was quite successful. The endeavor to inculcate right understanding about UHVPE subject was achieved. It was the rigorous efforts of the VE Cell team which made the program effective. Several extracurricular activities along with the lectures on UHVPE were conducted. Tree plantation, painting, sketching, music, dance, nukkad natak and various literary events were organized for Ist year students. Students showed their keen interest and participated in these activities with great zeal. The purpose to bring about natural expression of cooperation among students proved fruitful by this Induction Program.

EDUCATION is a systematic and a planned process of the development of the potential of a being to its maximum, by the harmonious growth of the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual qualities inherent in him, thereby transforming him from being self centered and egoistic person into an integrated personality and a responsible global citizen. Today Students are lacking a humanitarian approach in Studies hence value based education is the need of the hour. It is a teaching framework in which values are taught both explicitly in the classroom and implicitly by example. The framework consists of teaching tools and techniques. It involves the development of the academic environment that expresses and practices positive universal values. Students witness and engage with those values to guide and inform their behavior. Value Based Education provides a successful environment for teaching and learning of the full range of academic, social and interpersonal skills. In order to cater the need of the hour an initiative is taken by our esteemed university AKTU, to establish a Value Education Cell in every College. Value Education Cell is going to look after the all round holistic development of students which is pivotal for the harmonious balance at all levels of life.

Value Education Cell Convener
Dr. Pooja Singh
BBDITM, Lucknow

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