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Dean of students’ welfare caters to students needs at the college and plans various programs for students in the campus. Dean of students work primarily with non-academic issues, plans and coordinates various college activities related to students in the campus. We at BBD provide ample opportunities exposure for the all round development of persona and leadership qualities among the students.

Dean student welfare serves as a liaison between students and administration. DSW closely works with students across all years and all societies to explore ways to enhance the experience from education to student life to career planning, and works with them to develop innovative solutions to issues and concerns.

DSW guides the students in carving and their dreams as a successful Technocrat and management professional alike.

We at BBD have a strong tradition of encouraging students to actively participate in workshop, lectures, and tutorials, extracurricular and notably major cultural & technical festivals.

The office of DSW is endowed with the responsibility of:

  • Maintaining a ragging free campus among students in the institute campus.
  • Organizing students counseling, mentoring and other related activities.
  • Coordinating and managing the whole Alumni affairs of the Institute.
  • Attestation of student’s certificates.

DSW office is always open to near all your concerns and suggestions in order to strengthen and build our learning community.

As Dean Student’s welfare I express my best wishes to you throughout your stay at BBDITM and even beyond that as our alumni at every stage of your life.

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