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Shreya Jaiswal2018I am glad to be a part of BBDITM Civil Engineering Department. The Faculties here are more enthusiastic and believe in a more interactive teaching manner that builds our confidence in every topic we go for, giving us a more realistic way to understand things and go further in any respective field of work.
VAIBHAV SINGH2018Throughout my career, the technical, problem solving and critical thinking skills I developed during my Four years of Engineering at BBDNITM Civil Engineering Dept. have helped me tremendously. You never know where your career may take you, and pursuing MBA after Engineering is one such decision I thought of. The zeal for academic excellence and motivation given to the students by the faculty is something I really liked. Not many know but nothing can be better than having a retired Superintendent Engg. Of PWD as your Head of Department who always keep the theoretical and practical knowledge run parallel together.”
Ankur Srivastava2019The foundation of civil engineering was provided to us with the help of quality staffs.
The knowledge given to us by the Department of Civil Engineering is beneficial for our self, which also taught us to deal with real time challenges in life and site.”
SAURAV CHANCHAL2019i was glad to be a part of CIVIL ENGINEERING branch of BBDITM LUCKNOW. The Faculties are very helpful and are very concerned for their students as the try to help whenever any students are facing problems.
RASHMI GUPTA2019I had entered in BBDITM with a great foundation and in 4 years I had prepared 4strong pillars   of knowledge on which I am going to build the whole building to a wonderful height with a hope of long lasting.A lots of thanks to all facilities especially civil department for providing me material to strength my  knowledge and for being a constant support.
RAJESH KUMAR2019Civil Department is generally considered as one of the best department of the college as it has the best results at the A.K.T.U. level. It feels so honoured being a part of the Civil department. The H.O.D. and faculties are really nice at professional level. Their hard work, support and cooperation towards student at departmental as well as college level is just outstanding.  There are well equipped instruments in the department for gathering practical knowledge in the field of surveying, constructions etc. The notes and lectures provided by the faculties are itself enough for the examination point of view with sincerity. I am thankful to the faculties, H.O.D. and the whole civil department for giving me my best 4 yrs. of life  experiences till now.
Shubhampandey2019I am very lucky to be a student of DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING, BBDITM as the experience I carried on my shoulder when I came out of the college was a walk-through of the real life experiences and that changed my whole perspective of life and indeed would help me survive in this world.
MANEESHA RAO2019BabuBanarasi Das institute of technology and management is among the best engineering college in Lucknow .it imparts best class education in engineering, management&pharmacy. The field of technical education is full of design, creativity and innovation. The institute have a good infrastructure and highly skilled faculties. Great experience with BBDITM & awesome teachers and  good facilities.
PraveshSonker2019The Department of Civil Engineering in BBDITM has best faculty. The laboratories are equipped well, and faculties provide all required facilities for practical knowledge in specific fields of civil engineering.
AISHWARY MISHRA2018I love my college because it has all the facilities an ideal college should have.
Talking about department which is Civil, the best teachers are there to teach us the valuable lessons for our future as well as for our career.
AMAN DAKSH2018Thank you BBDITM for being the place where I discovered myself. I got to spread my wings and became the best version of myself on campus and I got to be a part of memorable experiences and one-of-a-kind opportunities that I don’t think I would have found anywhere else. Thank you for truly caring about the well-being of the students. I know at times students can get frustrated and feel that the college is against them, but I know how hard the faculty and staff works and how much they try every day to make Mercy a better place for everyone. Thank you for being my college experience.
AAKASH SINGH2019When you go away to college for the first time, you want to make sure you’re prepared. You may be living on your own for the first time, so there may be few things that can trouble you because someone at home, such as a parent or guardian, usually takes care of them for you.
ABHISHEK VISHWAKARMA2019Bbd provided me with some of the best faculty whom I have ever met in my life, also Bbd gave me plenty of opportunity to develop myself and my career. Also the thing which I like about Bbd is that companies offer very high package of job.
ADARSH KEWAT2019in my college best thing happens for me was the cultural events.  I Loved to be a part of it there are many talents around there like dancing, singing & the best part is our fashion show…  and also the best  quality (experienced) of  teacher in my department(civil) .
AKANKSHA TIWARI2019BBD is great at infrastructure as well as its learning environment. It focuses mainly on the development of students both in academics as well as co curriculum. Being a Civil Engineering Department student I had full support of faculties which is the best thing about the institute. Lab facilities are good. Students welfare is the topmost priority.
LAXMIKANT2019The College that we refer to as BBDITM gave me my education and a platform to perform. It has well enough infrastructure, with quite some good educators. With a fair amount of opportunities, it is an average college among hundreds of other such colleges. The department to which I belong strongly believes in me and helps me, my HOD Sir has given a lot of support throughout the years as well as my teachers.
MAMTA RAO2019Bbd gave me the absolute best staff whom I have ever met in my life, likewise Bbd gave me a lot of chance to build up myself and my vocation. Likewise the thing which I like about Bbd is that organizations extend to exceptionally high bundle of employment opportunity.
MANEESHA2019Bbd gave me the most perfect staff whom I have ever met in my life, in like manner Bbd gave me a ton of opportunity to develop myself and my livelihood. Similarly the thing which I like about Bbd is that associations stretch out to outstandingly high heap of work opportunity.
 PRABHAKAR2018But if you compare in private colleges then you will absolutely find it is one the best college in private colleges. No doubt JSS , KIET, AKG,and Galgotia are the best colleges in private but BBDITM is also the best compare with them.Teachers are very good especially in civil engineering.
ROHIT GUPTA2018BBD College gives equal weightage to the education as well as the academics. The utmost priority with every department is to make their students bright, having bundles of practical knowledge in their field of engineering. Also the cooperation of the teachers with the students is always present, no doubts left unsettled.

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