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Welcome to the department of Humanities which we hope will provide you with a useful insight into our department, of which we are very proud.
“Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don’t use that ability as best we can.”
– George Allen, Sr.
During the past few years the Department has been actively engaged in enhancing the learning skills of students and imparting practical knowledge.
The department is sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of students with varying degrees of readiness and ability. We never lose sight of why we are really here and that is to prepare students for further academic challenges and to guide them to be responsible, competent, and active citizens of the world.
As head of the Department of Humanities, I take pride in the fact that our highly qualified faculty has created an environment where engineering students are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research. The mission of my team is to prepare them to compete successfully in today’s job market and for lifelong. Like all good departments we work hard to ensure that all students make outstanding progress, both academically and in their confidence and self belief.
Department of Humanities is committed to achieving academic excellence in teaching and scholarly endeavors, as well as serving the academic community and the public at large. The department currently offers a major in Universal Human Values & Professional Ethics (KVE-301/401), Understanding the Human Being Comprehensively-Human Aspirations and its Fulfillment (ROE-074), Values, Relationship & Ethical Human Conduct–For A Happy & Harmonious Society (ROE088), Rural Development: Administration and Planning (KHU-701/801), Project Management & Entrpreneurship (KHU-702/802), Constitution of India, Law and Engineering (KNC-502) and Indian Tradition, Culture and Society (KNC-602).
Our primary educational objective is to provide high quality undergraduate education to all students. Our students will be equipped with valuable knowledge, as well as with technical, critical-thinking and problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills. This will empower our students for future careers in the educational and industrial sectors.
We believe that diversity unites the academic environment and is of paramount importance in preparing our students for life in an increasingly diverse and complex society. We are the department where individual differences are respected, welcomed, and valued.

Head (Humanities)
Dr. Pooja Singh
BBDITM, Lucknow

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