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The global challenges faced by humankind need innovative solutions by developing new technologies and a novel and creative uses of existing technology. Undoubtedly, Mathematicians and Engineers have major roles in addressing these challenges.

The Mathematics Department at BBD NITM which came into existence in 1998 with the establishment of the Institute seeks to prepare students to the degree of having a strong background in skills of logic, reasoning, critical thinking, and technology in tune with the latest development.

Our innovative teaching is aimed at motivating the students for higher studies and to make them aware of the wide importance of mathematics and increasing need of mathematics in every field of science and technology. We are helping the students to generate a mode of analytical thinking that can be extended to all areas of human thought.

The faculties in the Department are engaged in conducting research in various disciplines such as Special Functions, Mock Theta Functions, Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Epidemiology and Simulation and Cryptography.

The Department also provides teaching support for varied courses in Mathematics which are apart of the curriculum of various Professional and Technical programs offered by the university. Teaching in the Department is aimed at proving a strong Mathematical background to students to adapt to the needs of emerging technology at National and International levels.

The Department has a very stimulating teaching and research environment. The faculties in the Department are actively involved in conducting research in diverse fields of Mathematics. The research pursued in the Department of Mathematics includes a fairly broad spectrum of interests in Mathematics ranging from Special Functions, q-Series, Mock Theta Functions, Fractional Calculus, Differential Geometry, Algebra to Theory of Summability.

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