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Among the applied sciences the role of chemistry is well recognized besides other disciplines like physics and mathematics. The study of chemistry is profitable not only in as much as it promotes the material interest of mankind, but also because it furnishes with insights into those wonders of creation. The study of chemistry involves the matter, which is the basis of creation of life as well as well as universe. To this end a thorough knowledge of this disciple for engineering student is need of the day and will immense help them to gain insight in their respective engineering studies.

The Department of Chemistry was established in 1998 and engaged in providing quality of academic education in engineering chemistry, environment & ecology, polymer chemistry. The Department has 6 faculty members with expertise in frontier areas of research. The department is well equipped chemistry laboratory for analytical and synthetic work. The department is well qualified and motivated with a strong commitment to teaching research and extracurricular activities. The same is reflected in the number of paper presentation by the department members all around the country.

The Department of chemistry also established an eco friendly club “CHEMENVIRO” in 2004 to develop an environmental consciousness amongst the students and society at large. The Chemenviro club is publishing an annual interdisciplinary publication “CHEMENVIRO” since 2005, articles and papers of distinguished academicians, scientists and students alike from the field of science. Six volumes have already been published till date and the seventh volume is in press.

The following courses/papers are taught by the faculty of Department of Chemistry:

  1.  B.Tech. Ist Year Engg. Chemistry (NAS 102/202)
  2. B.Tech. Ist Year Environment & Ecology (NAS 105/205)
  3. B.Tech. IInd Year Polymer Science & Technology (NOE035/NOE045)
  4. B.Tech. IInd Year Chemical Engg.- Analytical Methods (NCH-454)

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