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Department of Management also focuses on other developmental activities for the students

  • Soft skill training
  • Industrial visits
  • Webinars/ E-sessions
  • Intellectual sessions and interaction with students time to time organized by department where our team (faculties) who bring eminent spoke persons to enhance  skills as well as knowledge of our students.
  • Udghosh/Vihaan management fest organized by our department where our MBA  students of ( first year/ final year) voluntarily participate and help in conducting events club wise such as ( HR Club, Finance Club, Marketing Club, & E-cell ). In this we conduct several activities to make our student active, skillful, organized, develop their personality, boost their confidence, & knowledge.
  • Our department follows the process of continuous evaluation not only of its students but also its faculty members and the curriculum. To fulfill the goal of high integrity and academic following procedure are
    • Faculty members are asked to prepare the course file and handout of each subject they are allotted.
    • Faculty members present the course file and handouts in front of the experts, and prepare the lecture plan so that accordingly faculty implements it timely to students.
    • In course file we prepare our schedule unit wise, and time to time we take class test so that we could incorporate students performance as well as the concept of the student should be clear regarding the subject we are teaching to them in the class.

Classroom Observations

  • Delivery of Lesson Objectives
  •  Student – Faculty Interaction
  •  Presentation Skills
  •  Rapport with Students
  • Summer Training: where students go for training and have exposure of industry and study work environment and culture of corporate sector.
  •  Academic Curriculum Activities for instance (group discussion, Quiz, Power Point Presentation by students, guest lectures and other management activities like case study and it’s solution and other brainstorming sessions of students etc.,  are undertaken for competency development).
  • Motivate our student to participate in management fest UDGOSH and Institutional level fest UTTKARSH boost their confidence and remove their stage fear.

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